Philosophy & Inner Dialogue

Summer Rethink

Mentoring a young author leads to self-discovery and a plan for 2018. During the process I discovered Isaiah Hankel and how I was approaching my writing as a cornball.

I’m still here!

Someone once asked me why do I promote other people’s work when I should be concentrating on my own. Yeah, I probably should yell and wave my hands a little more, but I don’t believe in preaching. It’s about generating content and interest. If I can help other people along the way, all the better.

Small steps, not giant leaps

The 2017 Brain to Books Cycon was a blast. The day after wasn’t what I expected. Some valuable lessons were learned through this disparity.

Writing Bad Things as a Good Person

I’m an animal lover who believes in do no harm to my fellow human being or any creature that I come in contact with, but I write stories that contain violence against man and beast. In this world where darkness and light are a part of life, it would be unrealistic and unbelievable if I didn’t. Even with this stance, I still have a moral dilemma that keeps rearing its head.

A Breakthrough

I haven’t felt this inspired by or connected with my writing for years. Top secret for now, the story I’m working on will make its debut on this website first. It’s that important to the Stars of Heros series.

Saturday ramblings and rumblings

Had a lot of my mind thanks to several conversations I’ve had this week, so I decided to do a back-to-back instead of waiting a day or two. Topics range from confusion to focus.

Quiet, but here

A quiet muse and frustrated geek involved in a book release… Just a typical hump day for an author.

Shifting perspective: Healing a heart and soul

New Year’s is a moment of new beginnings. Sometimes they happen before the stroke of midnight on January 1st. Other times, after. This is the story of one such event that lead to emotional healing and a new attitude toward life and editing.

Apology accepted, forgiveness may be never.

Losing friends is hard. How they are lost can lessen or increase the accompanying pain and grief. I lost a friend due to betrayal over twenty years ago. In trying to find a new direction for my book marketing, I may have found his apology to me.

Yet Another Blog?

A quote from Jeff Goins got me thinking about adding a blog to the newly rebuilt Lone Horse Endeavors website. The simple question and need has a complicated answer. In the end, it comes down to time and what I’m already doing.

After almost a month of silence

Life happens. A quick update of what is going on with the series after almost a month silence. Doesn’t meant work has stopped. In fact, there are now two new old books in the WIP progress list. The rest of the books also now have statuses so I know where I’m at with them.


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