A good binge actually. A writing binge.

It helped that I was working with a piece of software where I didn’t have to worry about opening and closing files or creating back up when I was done. That I could put an idea and mark it as such in the same place where I was developing the full blown manuscript. In other words, I could just write and not think about the technicalities of composing on a computer. I can’t believe I was stuck in the Word and InDesign rut for so long, thinking that I had to use those structured tools to write when I needed something that could better adapt to free form thinking. I sill use Word and InDesign when I have to format mine or other people’s manuscripts or write something not as long as a novel, but that’s about it.

It also helped that I gave myself permission to write.

So what did I write about? Well, not exactly what I planned, I can tell you that. I was hoping that I would make progress on the book that I’m trying to self-publish this year. I did do some of that, but most of my time spent on the premise and details of a very dark time for my characters in a very dark book that is mostly still on the drawing board.

So why would I write about that and not finish the book to make a little bit of money to re-invest in my writing? For one of the same reasons I started writing in the first place. As an emotional release. Though morphing, changing, and challenging my characters, I’m able to express emotions that I’m feeling in a very safe and somewhat controlled environment. Will I use the material I wrote? Most likely, but after some major refining. When I’m binge writing, I tend to forget words, grammar and minimizing the cliches.

For now, it just felt good to do this massive mental dump. My on-going plan is to keep doing these dumps without losing hours and days at a time. That’s why I went into a edit only as I often as I like, but write only occasionally mode. I know myself. I can focus and bear down on one thing too hard and in doing so not care about anything else, including time. This is a curse and a blessing that I have learn how to control and soon before I lose more time on my careers in programming, design, and writing.