It has been a few months since I’ve written here.  Been mainly busy with website and development. Writing has been sporadic at best.  I’ve submitted couple of flash fiction pieces over at  One was for a content they had and the other was for an e-zine that they are trying to produce.  The Zeniods are coming along.  The Myouterspace staff is weeding through the finalists of the music content, so that the users can vote on a theme.  Still no release date for the web webisodes though.

On the person writing front, my fictional endeavors are going nowhere.  However, I am starting to write more consistently for They are starting to branch out into how to guides, which are webpages on specific topics and have references to other Helium articles and even YouTube videos.  I just had my first one approved on how to create an avatar for a website.

So where is my writing going?  Not sure, yet.  For now I think I’m just going to see where writing How to’s takes me.