I’ve been making good money developing other people’s websites, making their dreams come true. Mine have suffered as a result. Not so much in the writing area because I’ve managed to do at least 50 to a 100 words a day on the good days. 50 to 100 words? That isn’t going to get me anywhere real quick. Not when I’m planning on the 3 book push next year. And more importantly it puts me way behind other authors who brag about doing 1,000 words a day or 10K in an unspecified amount of time. More power to them. They obviously have the means and support, if not the commitment to do that.

I’m lacking the first two, not the third. I want all my books done yesterday!

Money Isn’t Everything

Money provides the basic creature comforts and it means to get the services and food we need. Thing is, the soul and heart need to be fed as well. From those two sources, passion and purpose spring.

I’ve known this for a while now, this week just proved it tenfold. Every day it’s been harder and harder to focus on the programming. I’ve managed, but only by giving myself permission to take little writing breaks. Every time I write, go on social media, or even think about my books, I get energized. Then Thursday happened. I ended up doing my normal phone / email routine, but programming went in the tank. My mind rebelled and I ended up doing more writing and social media stuff than I’ve done in a long time. And I felt good—really good.

I’ll probably pay the price for it today.

Why does it have to be this way? Not sure, but somethings has to give. I definitely need a better balance between my creative and technical sides in my career. Any suggestions? Put them in the comments.

Not giving up

Seen a few authors backing off their writing and social media life lately. Wishing them the best of luck in dealing with whatever is going on. Even I have, yes, but I’m still staying my course. I can’t and won’t buy into the societal mantra that dreams come second, and are best forgotten, because the practical always must come first, even in the most prosperous and positive of times.

Without dreams, where is hope? Where is purpose? Where is passion? These things become nonexistent. Life turns into this black and white, one foot in front of the other hollow mess. I’ve lived that way for way too long and now I’m playing catch up with where I’m at as a writer.

If I need any more inspiration, I just have think about the high schoolers who lost a football game 102-0. To them, it wasn’t about the overall score, but their individual effort. In this case it’s more than just the satisfaction of making a dream come true, it’s “The fulfillment that comes with trying their best…” That’s all anyone can have and live with. The money, the fame… Those are empty, superficial things that come and go at a fleeting moment.

Website stuff

I looked at the number of subscribers underneath the GET THE LATEST POSTS VIA EMAIL section and went What???? I have that many followers. I haven’t had so many since the Right the Writer days. Turns out, it’s still only 233 WordPress ones because they also count my 815 Twitter followers, 215 Facebook friends, and probably my 802 page likes.  Still it’s nice to see that large a number. Means that I’m finally getting a footing with this domain.

Anyway, I’m out of here again for a while or working behind the scenes to get the reorganization / photo thing done. Meet the Indies should have a few new authors by Monday. I’m also going to look at removing some extra code that is bogging this site down. Finally, Pateron is probably going bye-bye for now. It almost requires daily updates and is better suited for artists with existing audiences.

Will keep writing, both code and my books, in the meantime.

Until next time, keep safe.