One day while riding in the car as a kid, I complained that time was going slower than a turtle. I do not know what special event was coming up. I just knew that I wanted the upcoming event to happen as soon as possible. Two of the adults turned to me and warned that I should enjoy the moment and not wish to the future to happen too fast because when I got older time would pass in an instant.

Were they ever right. It seems for the last few years time has gone crazy. There are days that seem to pass at a normal clip. Mostly though it feels like I lose weeks at a time because the days just roll together. I start something and then think I am going to finish it in a day or two, only to have two.or three weeks pass. It makes me feel, and look, irresponsible. I wish I could blame it on drugs or alcohol, but I do neither because my body is very sensitive to stuff. A bottle of beer will make me so relaxed that all I want to do is go take a nap for a few hours.

I have talked to other people and they say even kids are noticing time passing faster. Is it because we live in an age of instant and constant access to other people? Are we cramming too much in one day just to keep up with everyone and everything else? Or are we on a headlong race to the end just because the human race was only meant to stay on this Earth for a certain length of time?

I would really like to believe that what is happening is because we are on information overload and that the doomsday scenario is only a very distant possibility. Though, if you listen to prophecy or just observe everything that is gone on, especially in the last nine years, you have to wonder. I watched the Nostradamus Effect on the History Channel yesterday and they commented that we are living in a time where a world leader was trying to obtain nuclear weapons so they could bring about the prophecies of  their Holy Book and receive their promised after life.

What gives them the right to make that decision for us? Or is it a decision at all? Are we all just living out our lives the way that was predetermined for us by some higher power and have no say in the matter? While it looks that way sometimes, in my heart, I believe that is not the case. I mean, why can we make decisions and feel a spectrum of emotions based on those decisions, if all we are doing is being led around like a horse by fate and destiny. Why do we even have the words fate and destiny in our collective vocabulary?

If anything, time is what we make of it. And even if we are not the ones ultimately in control, we, especially me, need to live as if we were. We owe that to ourselves and each other. After all, if we die tomorrow for whatever reason, how will justify our lives and what we did with that precious commodity, if it appears we did nothing because time got away from us.