Site Updates

Going All In

The website update continues on the dev site, but instead of just doing the skin like I originally planned, I decided to go ahead and do the full blown reorganization. That means reading every post, deciding where it goes, and what picture it needs.

Added two plugins to make my life easier

As a developer I don’t like adding plugins to WordPress site unless I absolutely have to. Instead I’ll add additional functionality to theme when needed. The more plugins on a WordPress site, the more chance something can go wrong. I’ve dealt with incompatibility issues, cron jobs going screwy, and additional load time as more database queries are processed to accommodate the plugins. As a writer, I love the convenience of two plugins from AuthorMedia that I just installed – MyBookProgress and MyBookTable

A few changes

I’m now officially writing two blogs. This one, which will still remain technology and writing-focused and the one I’m writing on my Stars of Heros website, which…

It’s alive!

Today is a day of great joy and slight disappointment. The disappointment is that due to  some scheduling/attendance conflicts, we are bumping up the Spirit‘s…

With progress comes change

Made a couple of changes today. One preparatory, two others to this blog. The preparatory one was obtaining domain name. I’ve been writing on…


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