As I mentioned in this week’s Right the Writer Spotlight, I decided to reorganize the website. This came about after watching a video by Books Go Social that recommend authors blog about their stories and leave all the other stuff for another blog. Well, since I already consolidated everything done to one, starting a second was out the question. Instead, I divided the current blog into sections for readers and writers, which will hopefully satisfy the needs of both audiences.

The latest twelve posts, regardless of their category, will still end up on the front page.  After that, they land on the following pages:

  • News – All posts revolve around the books and what I doing to promote them
  • Meet A Writer – Introduces other indie authors
  • MFL (or Mason Family Logs) – A while back I did a Facebook event where we were told to come as one of our characters. Of course, I went as Jo, my MC from Stars of Heros.  Well, I decided to expand on the idea. Using the fictional Mason Family Logs as a template, this section will be the insider’s guide to the stories and characters of the SOH universe
  • Resources->Writing Insight – Thoughts, and my reactions to interesting articles, on writing
  • Resources->Technology & Tools – The offline and online tools that I use in my writing endeavors plus insight into the effective use of technology by writers from a web developer’s POV
  • About->Philosophy & Inner Dialogue – My vent space
  • About->Site Updates – Any updates to the site

The two sections that will probably have a lot of crossover are Resources->Writing Insight and About->Philosophy & Inner Dialogue. The former teaches about writing while the latter let’s me ramble on about what might be going wrong in my writing endeavors. Lessons can be learned from both.

I also made a few formatting and functionality improvements.

Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments.