Family is important to me, so I took last week off to concentrate on them. It was both weird and refreshing going from 12 to 14 hours on a three monitor desktop down to 2 to 4 on a single screen tablet. A much needed mental break, especially given everything that is happening in the next few months.

Saying hello and good-bye

One thing that my marketing person is asking me to do is simplify my life so I have more time and brain power to concentrate on the important stuff. This means shuffling around my website properties, condensing some and refocusing others.

In the process of planning for this, I needed a site that represented me. I argued that Lone Horse Endeavors did. After all I was the Lone Horse and the site spotlighted both my creative and technical sides.  Only one slight problem, Lone Horse Endeavors is the DBA of my web consulting business. Splitting from like I did before wasn’t going to work because both domains had been associated with the Lone Horse Endeavors logo. We needed a clean break since the new site was meant to be purely about my creativity. I had domain, I just needed a logo for it. My marketing person worked on one that fit what I described to them, but didn’t capture the essence of what I needed or desired. 

It wasn’t until I saw a horse which was labelled as a tattoo design that the logo was born. Its face has a hopeful, determined look and its rearing stance suggests power. Essentially me in horse form.


As my new author site, Lone Horse Spirit is going to take over blogging duties from Stars of Heros and Right The Writer. That way I only have to write in one place instead of two. If I have a rant that is totally unrelated to my writing, I will post it on Medium, but for now that will probably be another rebroadcaster on certain topics.

This consolidation is also coming about because I need better control of my mailing list. Yes, I have 1,640 subscribers to this blog, but I don’t know who you are. Only WordPress does. That’s not good. While I am not going to spam my readers, I would like to have the ability to send you something more than a notification of my latest blog post. So if you haven’t already, please go sign up on my mailing list either through this direct link.  If you want SOH specific emails sign up through the Stars of Heros website or Facebook page.

Neither nor are going away. When the switch over happens, both blogs will point to will become a one page site announcing the move. I want to keep control of the sub domain because I have had it for so long. Stars of Heros will remain all about the series and track progress on the SOH books. Lone Horse Spirit will track all non-SOH books.

Three days of events

Check out the Events page. You will find three in a row starting on December 16 and culminating with a release party for my next book, Do You Believe in Legend?, where the release date will be announced.

As I said lots happening, so stay turned.