In Finding Time by Making Time, I said:

No one can live like a gerbil for too long, yet it’s easy to fall into the trap of cramming as much as possible into the limited hours of a day.

I’m definitely falling into the trap again. The theme upgrade and site reorganization was finding itself limited to a few scant minutes between other projects and weekend hours. At that rate, given the amount of older posts, it would take me several more weeks to get it done.


One, I noticed that the post archives were sometimes failing to display.  The new theme takes care of that by presenting them in a slightly different way.

Two, I just recently reminded a fellow author that fresh content let’s the search engines know that a website is alive and thriving. This means posting at least once a week (he was thinking about quitting entirely.) Posting once a week while redeveloping the site is possible, but it means creating the post twice— one each for dev and live. Easy, but time-wasting.

So to solve both problems, I decided to launch earlier than expected. I still have to go back and add featured images to the older posts, give some posts new URLs, and move Meet A Writer to Meet the Indies. Unlike when I’m trying to tweak the theme, those don’t cause any obvious errors.

Do I like doing it this way? As a web developer, no. It violates the principle of launching before completion and full testing. As a writer who needs and wants to maintain her relevance, I have no choice in the matter.