The website update continues on the dev site, but instead of just doing the skin like I originally planned, I decided to go ahead and do the full blown reorganization. That means reading every post, deciding where it goes, and what picture it needs. In the case of Meet A Writer posts, making sure they get over to Meet the Indies. A lot of the posts have moved, either because they were in the wrong category or that category has a special URL. Others, I’ve archived because they really didn’t offer anything of substance.

Right now, I’m at the end of 2010.  The posts hint at some of the same struggles and questions that still bother me seven years later.  Either I’m stubborn or determined. I’d like to think a little bit of both. Writing style has changed in subtle ways. The older posts seem a little more emotional and free. This has lead to some complicated and odd phrasing, which I’m judiciously editing. I wrote it that way for a reason, no sense in making drastic changes.

Still not ETA on completion. When it’s done, it will be beautiful and functional.

No more Right the Writer Spotlight for now

I’ve got too much emotional stress in my life to continue with the RTW Spotlight at the moment. I’ll bring it back as part of my rejuvenated marketing plan eventually. For now, I’ve put the follow this blog by email widget back up. It means that every time I post something here, you’ll get an email. So we’ll still be in touch. I’m also hoping to get into a more frequent and consistent posting schedule once the new site is launched.

Writing progress is also affected. It’s at the point where I need to write something besides this blog by the end of the night. We shall see what happens…