Or how have I’ve managed to start publishing consistently on this blog? Simple I’ve started scheduling my posts. Okay, yeah, I know that been a feature of WordPress for a while now.  So why didn’t I use it?  Because I used to believe that in order to provide quality, I had to write and publish a blog entry the same day or people wouldn’t believe it came from a real person. When I read something that said social media should be used as a place to build community instead of just as a soapbox this only reinforced that belief. I mean what is more impersonal than having your words scheduled to be published?

But then I ran into another problem. Or more like a math formula. Freshness = Relevance. Even before Google did it’s latest round of updates. I had seen how it preferred those sites that updated more often. So in order to keep my blogs popping I had to write every day. More of my blogs have died painful deaths because of this very reason.

Writing every day is something that good writers should do any way. But how to work on my novel, work on my blog, work on whatever web project I was doing, and have a life? Sure, you don’t need to sleep 8 hours every night, but you can’t survive on 3 hours either. Also, when I write code, I tend not to want to write creatively afterwards and vice versa.  The two are extreme opposites and both are tiring to do in the their own respect. Creative writing because you are having to describe emotions while trying not to make them sound or your characters stilted. Code writing because you are teaching an inanimate object to think.

By scheduling my writing, I can write huge blocks at a time. It also give my time to think and process what I’ve written. That way, instead of finding myself editing as I write, I can write, let it stew, and know that I have a few days before it goes public. Before I got caught up in all the rules I had to remember to be a good writer, this is how I used to write. Some would call it storm writing, brainstorming or whatever. I call it a brain dumping and I’m really happy to be doing it again.