It seems that life has been a lot of scramble and hurry up and wait as of late. Tomorrow is no different. Something very exciting is happening that I’ve known about for a couple weeks now. My first interview is going to be live on for twenty-four hours starting at Midnight Eastern. Find my name (Ani H. Manjikian) and then click on the title of the book (Spirit of the Lone Horse) to listen.

I’m not sure what it’s going to sound like until I actually hear it. Of course, I’m hoping it leads to other interviews and more recognition for Spirit. Or at least more people giving Spirit a chance because they can finally hear my take on the book beyond what is written here or any other place.

The interview process itself was interesting. The interviewer and I chatted before it started, getting comfortable with one another.  The first question took about six takes. I think it was a combination of nerves and the fact that I couldn’t self-edit myself fast enough. Though there were stumbles and pauses through the rest, I’ve been assured that it’s going to be a professionally edited, so they shouldn’t be heard. What was cool is that at the end, after we had wrapped things up, we went back and did a second take on the question of where to find the book to include a little piece on its connection to mythology.

I’m hosting a FB Listen party for it just because I wanted a centralized place for people to leave questions and comments. I’ll be in and out during the broadcast (have to eat, sleep, and do real life things), so stop by and, at least let me know you listened.

Oh, and if  you are visually inclined and looking for some new books, check out the salute to Indie authors below. It showcases 101 books and 34 authors.