When does an author know they are an author? Well, that depends. Some would say it’s when they make it on the New York Times bestsellers list. Others, when a movie is made out of their book. Still more, when they reach a certain dollar figure. I used to be that way. In fact, a part of me still is, because I want all of those things. However, as I wrote a few months back, sometimes you just have to celebrate the small stuff and dictate when you are one. Because until you believe you are an author, no one else is going to.

I’ve considered myself an author / writer for a long while. Working on the series for three decades and blogging on occasion during that time, how could I not? The feeling, like my writing, however, was, and still is, subject to my emotions. The more stressed, tired, and out of sorts I feel, the less I want to write or consider myself a writer. Now, things are a little different. I know there are going to be days where I won’t connect with my story or my characters, so I won’t write just to protect them. However, my title of author / writer won’t change and, unlike before, my belief in that title won’t waiver as much because I’ve had what I needed for validation. I published a book, the book now has three reviews on Amazon, and there is going to be a release party. (I probably should have done the release party thing sooner . . . :))

The third review on Amazon wasn’t a five-star, but a very nice and balanced four. Spirit got nailed for being too detailed, but that’s okay. I’d rather lose points for that, than having readers complain about having not enough. To me, the review affirmed what I believed about the book, that it’s an interesting read with a mixture of genres and characters.

I also now have a target date for launching the Stars of Heros website. It’s sometime before the release party,

Speaking of the party…It’s a virtual event on Facebook. I’ve done one of Platinum Book Reviews and Promotions multi-author, multi-genre events and absolutely loved it. In fact, besides my own release party, I’m doing another one of those.  So catch me at either.

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