While chatting with a friend on Skype they mentioned that they needed images for Facebook. I immediately thought of my two favorite image sites, pixabay.com and upsplash.com. I went to Pixabay and stumbled across the featured image for this post. It reminded me of the journey I’m on.  Slow and steady I jog toward the horizon and whatever lies ahead.

Promo ops

Still pounding away on my writing and computer work. Stumbled into three promo opportunities. Fellow indie author Timothy Bateson is doing a promo called the 31 Days of Halloween.  I decided to do a little promotion as part of the event.  Legend is getting highlighted on Monday.

Vicki Rose of Platinum Book Reviews & Promotions just happened to be having one of her events this weekend, so I signed up for Saturday at 2:15. Figured I could knock some rust off and get the word out on Legend. Went in with a herd of butterflies racing around my stomach. She did her intro and started with a question. Next thing I knew the butterflies had disappeared and it was twenty five minutes later. I forgot about the intense speed of her events. Had a wonderful time. It made me almost miss putting myself out there for promos. Needed another hour to catch up, answer everyone’s questions / comments on both the event and my FB page. Got about 20 more likes for the page. You can view a history of the thread here, but you need to be logged into Facebook.

I joined a book review group on FB. Put Legend in for a promo. Hoping to get a few reviews out of it.

Website Updates

Not much has changed on this site. Probably won’t for a while. Tried to get into editing and organizing the old posts. Wasn’t inspired. Right now, I’m all about looking forward with this site, not wading in the past.

I added three new authors and their books to Meet The Indies. First two are up, third will happen on Monday. They are the authors whose books I’m reviewing for the FB group. More are coming from other sources, including the move from this site that I still have to do.

Actually broke down and bought the paid upgrade to Buffer, so I could have a 100 posts queued and a connection to Pinterest among other things. This allowed me to turn off Publicize in Jetpack and completely get rid of another plugin. Less weight on WordPress equals faster site. MTI requires a manual posting to social media because of how the books section works, so the upgrade was inevitable.

MTI received an update to its book page template. I didn’t like the wasted space between the summary/buy button and the About the book section. Also, the buy button was doing nothing except jumping to another part of the page. Summary/buy button went bye-bye and about section moved up. Problem solved.

What’s next? Same old, same old. Might have some news to share regarding the series later. All depends on the response to an email I sent out. If the news is good, I’ll share it. If not, I’ll move on with my plans.