Recently I was asked to do an interview for the Indie Publishing News (Download the Newsletter).  It started out in the typical Q&A format that I’ve done for other blogs, but the editor added the caveat I could make it a story. So using the questions I did. It doesn’t have the complete backstory of how I reached the current place in my writing career because it doesn’t include the part of a failed relationship or a lot of the events in my life that shaped who I am.  It’s still informative and gives a quick, interesting synopsis of where I am in my writing.

I’m not sure how I want to approach the rest. While I’m developing a public personality on YouTube, I’m still a private person who wants to protect friends and family the best they can. Yet who I am defines SOH and this site in a way because it’s a part of me on so many different levels. Eventually, I’ll find a balance between formality and opening up a little bit more because people need to know me as person as well as a writer.

We’ll see how it goes.