One of my favorite questions in author interviews is any variations of “Do you listen to music when I write?” I always respond that it depends on my mood. If I’m really deep into a scene, I need absolute quiet where it’s just me and my characters. Most of the time, though, I need the noise to keep my grounded, so I don’t go so deep I’m lost in my own thoughts that I end up doing something stupid to whatever I’m working on, be it computer programming or writing.

Turns out it’s not only the music, but it’s quality as well. I learned this about myself this week when my good computer speakers decided they would only play out of one channel. The back up speakers were okay, but tinny and I hate tinny. Tolerable for computer games, but not when I’m trying to think.  To compound the problem, security experts declared Quicktime a risk on PC’s a few weeks back.  That meant I lost the ability to connect my computer to my stereo system. I tried an alternative program, but the connection failed after one or two songs. I installed the MediaMonkey beta today and have my music at the quality that I need.  Good thing to, my brain was not cooperating when it came to editing my WIP. It was thinking about deleting a chapter and I’m past that point in the process.

Speaking of author interviews… There is an author panel tonight at 7PM Pacific (10PM Eastern). It’s produced by GoIndieNow, the same group that provided live coverage of this year’s Brain to Books Cyber Convention.  The panel will cover Building An Audience/Marketing for the Masses.  Each panel member has their own superpower (topic) that they will speak on. Hope to see you there.