Although this is still a WIP, making the world aware of a second book gives me cred as a writer.

Although this is still a WIP, making the world aware of a second book gives me more cred as a writer.

For two hours on Sunday, I was a celebrity. No, there was no paparazzi chasing me, hot lights, red carpets, fancy limos, or anything like that. In fact, it was typical day with me in front of my computer. I was at one of Facebook’s virtual events. This time instead of sharing the spotlight with other authors, I was the center of attention. It was Spirit‘s release party and it was a blast.

216 people took time out of their day to participate. I’m grateful to each one of them. Most I had either met online or didn’t even know. A fellow author who I’ve met and has helped me in several ways was there. How the event goers knew me didn’t really matter, though. It was the fact that they were there that was important.

What I really liked was that I didn’t have to think about the organizational side of things. The host ran the event, chose the excerpts that were shared, and managed the giveaways. Me, I answered questions and offered insights, mingling on all the various threads as if I was at a real party. Best of all, I introduced both Spirit and Legend to the world in a formal way. Of course, that meant showing off both covers.

The story behind Legend‘s cover isn’t as complicated as Spirit‘s. The woman between two men is something that I’ve always had in my head. Thing is, I could never express it right until I met this wonderful and talented artist named Julie. She has now become my official series cover designer. Armed with our discussions and a few pieces of stock art that I provided, she created a masterpiece in less than half a day. In the coming weeks, after I do two more meet the authors posts, I’m going to do a meet the artist post, so you can learn all about her.

Read more about the party here.  There is also a bonus contest from it that is going on until August 8th. I’ve already committed to do another multi-genre, multi-author event in a couple of weeks. I’m also part of the Brain to Books Blog Tour that’s going on until the end of August. As my series progress, there will be other events and appearances, so stay tuned.