The Phoenix glass on the shelf it currently calls home.

On July 2, 1989, at a science fiction convention in San Francisco, I found a vendor creating custom glass work. I asked him to make me a glass with a Phoenix and the words Phoenix CSA Team. Phoenix comes from the old legend of a bird setting its nest on fire and rising from the ashes. CSA stands for Command, Support, and Auxiliary.

The idea behind the name is the Command Team program, personified by the Mason Seven CSA Team in Spirit, Legend, and other books of the 21st Century, being reborn in the 26th Century. There isn’t going to be an easy transition between the two centuries, so the name Phoenix represents the heartbreak, tragedies, and destruction the idea has to survive.

Around this glass, I made a promise. Years later I would write about it in a poem called The Glass, The Dream, and the Promise. The promise was two fold. One, make a movie out of an idea called Legend. Two, work with a particular person in Hollywood to make it happen.  If these two conditions weren’t met, I wouldn’t drink out of the glass.

What if I can’t fulfill the promise?

A little hard to see in the picture, but there is a CSA floating above the upper wings and head of the Phoenix etched in the bottom of the glass.

Today marks 28 years of the glass remaining a beautiful display piece.

It has survived a few moves. Legend has gone from a fan piece to a published novel. I still need the sales numbers to the book to even be considered for the movie. And the person is getting on in years. So as the days and months pass, the chances grow slimmer of me accomplishing my goal.

That leaves me with a big decision… To destroy or not destroy the glass should things not fall into place. When I first had the glass made, the choice was simple. Destroy, for it would have been too harsh a reminder of what I hadn’t done. Now, with two books under my belt and more on the way, I’m thinking of keeping the glass around even if I don’t get a chance to drink out of it. The glass can still honor the legacy, motivation, and inspiration of the promise that transformed me into a published author.

And if I do get my chance? A small thumbnail of champagne to salute the person. Rinse. Fill with chocolate milk to savor the moment.