This week two people wondered if Heros in my series title was a typo. It’s not. It’s always been a wordplay on horse. The ties to Paleo-Balkan Mythology came out after some Googling. In fact, I found more interesting stuff. Turns out another word is Heros Equitans.

Once I get a book in my head, I identify it by its title.  For me, the title represents the ideals and ideas in the book. Sure they may not be the most marketable sometimes, but they have meaning and value. That’s more important to me than some slick sales tactic that’s trying to beat the micro second attention span we all have developed.

Someone once suggested I change Do You Believe in Legend? into Believe in Legend. That isn’t who I am or what I believe. I want to invite people into my world, not cram stuff down their throats. Besides it’s the question that the main character Jo being asked by others cause she doubts her own dreams and has a pessimistic attitude about the future. It was the same state I was in after being betrayed by a friend. Now the title and book reminds me to keep going when I have my doucts.

The Black Stallion (1979) – Black standing on the cliff overlooking Alec and the beach. Credit: – Image associtated with

Spirit of the Lone Horse, my first book, has so many meanings. First, the drive and passion by someone to make their dreams come true. Second, the trait of their internal fortitude. Third, the presence and quiet strength of a stallion looking over his herd and protecting them, whether they consist of a bunch of horses or a single human boy. The scene where the Black is standing on the cliff inspired the last one.

The titles for the eighteen books in the core Stars of Heros series are set. Time’s Puzzle has one book as of this post with about 7 to 14 as an arbitrary number that I’m still finalizing. I’m debating between Tomorrow’s Beginnings and Time’s Heart for the first one. Both say the same thing in different ways, that if the puzzle isn’t solved time will be broken.  Origin Words has 8 of its 10 titles set. Two of them really don’t inspire me, so I’ll reconsider them once I finalize the outline for their stories.

The bottom line is my titles reflect not only my story, but who I am and what the story means to me. Making money would be nice, but I’m not going to sacrifice the integrity of my words for a buck. I write and say what I mean. Packaging myself, or my works up, in some smelly perfume just to appeal to the masses. is who I am If I did that, I’d be selling myself out and short.