Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Back in 1986, when this adventure started, all I wanted was one simple horse story. I didn’t mean to learn a craft, create a series, or have other things happens to me. College was in progress and my only dream was to be a millionaire by age twenty-five or so. Now it’s 2015 and I’ve survived my own stupidity, a friend’s betrayal, twenty-four hours in a coma due to blood loss, cancer that was caught before it metastasized, and cataract surgery on both eyes. I’m nowhere near that million dollars, but I’m not in the poor house either.

The one story is now the start of a series that will end up containing anywhere from twenty to twenty-four books, if I have the chance to write them all. I’m going to try, but I can’t exactly control fate, so I have to concentrate on the core of the series. By my best guesstimate, that’s somewhere between five to nine of the stories.

Both me and the first story had to mature over the years before we were ready. The first attempt was me yelling at the world. It didn’t work on so many different levels that I’m embarrassed I submitted to a few places. My so called “perfect” manuscript needed three-dimensional characters with real feelings, natural dialogue, and normal actions and reactions and a plot line that didn’t sound like it was a mishmash of stereotypical ideas. Ninety percent went out the door. Even the ten percent that remained changed in some way. A few of the characters and some of the ideas survived, only to be stripped down to their bare essence and given new life.

Me, I had to develop my own style, voice, and comfort level with both myself and my words.

I dedicate today to my Dad who never got a chance to see me as writer or a college graduate. His mind, spirit, and life were robbed by a terrible disease at the young age of sixty. I know, in his own quiet way, he is cheering that the first story is complete and now available to the world.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Spirit of the Lone Horse is published and on Amazon.

Wooooo! Hooooo!