• Tired –  Pulled an all nighter when I finally found my perfect theme and had to switch to it.  Now both Right the Writer and this site are officially twins. Fraternal ones because I couldn’t do as much customization as I wanted on RTW since that’s a hosted WordPress.com site. No more rounded, transparent boxes trying to create a futuristic effect, I have that in the cool, picture changing post listing.
  • Proud – I read a statistic somewhere that said 90% of people start out to write and publish a book, but never finish it. I’m on the verge of publishing my second one.
  • Relieved – Managed to make it through the storms, some self-created by a brain that wanted perfection and others tossed at me by the screwball journey we call life.
  • Happy, though it’s more like content – I’m been here before with another book. Had big expectations back then, but they’ve tempered. So have my emotions.
  • Curious – What am I going to feel when I have this book in my hand? Of all the stories in the series, this is the most important one, so far, because it saved me, my writing career, and the whole series.
  • Excited, if I had the energy – I’m already working on a third, and jotting down things as they come to me for the rest. There are plenty of stories left to tell with many more adventures for my characters to be had.
  • Grateful – I’m thankful for the people who have joined me on this journey. Some anonymous, others well-known to me. Either way, it fulfills my wish, and desire, to make an impact with my words.

I’m done with the final grammar check of Do You Believe in Legend?! Now I hand it off to two people I trust to see if they can find the errors I missed. If they do, then it’s on to final tweaks. If not, I have to consider my publishing options.

While I wait, it’s on to the third book, A Dream to Share. It’ll be nice to have a single, creative focus again. I’ve been holding off on writing two very intense and emotional scenes because I need both hands on the keyboard, so they can type as fast as my brain can spit out the words.