I released Do You Believe In Legend? as a pre-order on Amazon today.

It’s a small step in a much larger dream.

Imagine visiting a movie theater, grabbing some snacks, and finding the perfect seat. The lights go dim and the haunting notes of a flute begin to play…

The “Composed by” credit might say John Williams, Dennis McCarthy, Hans Zimmer, Cliff Eldelman,  Michael Giacchino, or some other famous composer. It’d only be partially true. These great masters would have found inspiration in a half-finished composition that I started creating back in 1996 because I wanted to express my story in both words and music.

Although the book is complete and undergoing final editing during its pre-release stage, the theme remains unfinished. I know enough to write a good melody and counter melody, but the drum line and other parts elude me. And that’s okay.  I’m confident it will find the right person to finish the job. Legend has a way of taking care of itself.

To see the movie part happen it and I need your help. The only thing Hollywood understands is numbers. For me to catch a producer’s eye, I need to sell at least 100,000 to 250,000 copies. So if you love horses and making dreams come true, buy Spirit.  If it’s time travel and starships is more your thing, Legend is for you.

Together we will do this!

And let’s not forget to celebrate along the way…. A major bash is this weekend. Brain to Books is sponsoring three days of events that culminates with a celebration of my two books on the 18th. Come join the parties!

By the way, Legend is 99 cents during its pre-release stage and Spirit is free this weekend (December 15th to December 19th) over at Smashwords with the coupon code of CF24N.