This was originally posted on the Stars of Heros site, when it had a blog, so “this one” reflects that site.

It’s doesn’t matter what site I’m on, be it this one, Right the Writer, or the newly revamped Lone Horse Endeavors, the footer lists when I’ve written in my blogs. Having the dates in the list of posts serves two purposes. It’s lets readers know the freshness of the blog. It also reminds me when I need to get my butt in gear and post something on a particular property.

I haven’t meant to neglect this one, I’ve been busy. The aforementioned website update came about for two reasons. I needed an online portfolio. For a web developer to have something that comes out of the early 2000’s isn’t good. I also wanted a home for my other projects. Yep, I have a few more ideas in me. The one I’ve been working on is the first book in a YA Fantasy trilogy (series?) called The Fantasy Reject League.

TFRL is the ongoing saga of Mel, a human girl who gets lost in fantasy stories because it’s her only refuge from the bullies at school and the stress at home. She meets imperfect fantasy characters in the books she reads. At first, they are just imaginary people to her. Slowly she discovers her hidden talent of being able to interact with them in their world. It really freaks her out when somehow she brings them back to hers. Of course, not all of this happens in the first book. I have a few twists built into this basic premise that will make it an interesting read for young and regular adults alike. Like SOH, the books will be as independent as possible within the context of a trilogy (series?).

Series has a question mark after it as I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to another one yet. There is a lot to do with SOH. Until I can plan on my writing supporting me, I have to think strategically. I don’t know which genre I’m better at and I have more books that need my attention in SOH.

I started writing the first book in TFRL a few weeks ago after someone offered to sponsor me with a cover, editing, and marketing. My old style of writing first and outlining second is back with a vengeance. Other than showing the sponsor a basic sketch of Mel, so they could give me some pointers, I haven’t done much planning. In fact, I’m working on both Chapters 1 and 2 at the same time. Like some of the books I’ve chunked in SOH, I’ll probably go back and outline after the initial rush is over. One of the first things I’ll tackle is figuring out the Mel and fantasy characters meet up sequences. I don’t want them sounding too stereotypical or unrealistic.

Thinking of Mel as just another character, I expected her to accept the third-person past POV. She would have none of it and demanded the first person present treatment. I knew the risk of cross pollination with that approach. Worried that I might be mixing voices unintentionally, I asked my sponsor to read the beginnings of Hiding in the Shadows and Do You Believe in Legend?. They reassured me I had an emotional teenager and distant adult on my hands.

After editing Legend and writing Hiding on the same day, I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that again. It’s too distracting. From now on each project is going to be done on its own day. It’s the only way I’m going to be able to get into the various characters and not risk mixing universes. At least not until I’m ready to.

On the SOH front, Legend has made it past Chapter 22 in its read through stage. Tweaking that set of passages was hard. One of the oldest chapters in the book, it had what I thought was a good, comic relief moment. One of my editors flagged the comic relief as a sideways trip into unreality. I had to extract the elements causing that without spoiling the flavor I already established.

For now, what I write depends on who is yelling the loudest and right now Mel is out shouting Jo by far.