I have 6 days to go and I’m still no closer to a 140 character tagline.  Have had a lot of ideas pop in and out of my head, but most of them have been flowery ideals and not grab you by the horns pitches. I’ve read some pretty good ones on the Twitter channel set up for this.

As far as the Legend goes, I think there is a minor re-write in order, if only to have it gain some clarity.  I’m still not completely sold on combining the centuries into sections.  However, I know Chapters 1 and 3, which are both 21st Century chapters, can be combined.  This will free up some room to build in some more relationship focus between the three main characters.  Also, I’m probably going to blur the focus more on one of the minor characters.  I like the story ideas that the back story of this character has invoked, but it brings up a few sensitive issues, like choosing between career and family and being in an emotionally abusive relationship, that aren’t getting the attention or time that they need.