About Charlene

Mandlebrot Sets, one of many shapes called Fractals, bring to the world of geometry an entirely new way of calculating shape, distance and size. And the beauty of Fractals involves that little shape, the cat, or fat man, or Buddha tilting here slightly to your right.That shape dissolves in the ever more intricate patterns arising from the edges of the Fractal, those nerve like bits appearing all round. That is, the Mandlebrot Set dissolves and then reappears again, shaped up from the unique spontaneous movement of the fractal itself.

The story of my life corresponds with the Mandlebrot Set. My inner shape emerged differently after I was kidnapped, raped and tortured when I was 16. Instead of embracing life as I had previously, with all the vigour of a strong, healthy young woman, I withered into a dark, inwardly dwelling ghost.

Within a year I met Namgyal Rinpoche who would become my meditation teacher. I ignored him as mightily as I could, so intent was I on dying young. I failed. At 20 I was in His Holiness the Sakyapa’s Temple in Dehra Dun India where for ten days or more I experienced Initiation into the various forms of Tibetan Vajrayana Tantra Buddhism. I didn’t understand any of it.  Following my Teacher’s restless wanderings, I climbed glaciers in Norway, watched Maori dancers in New Zealand, lived near the hot springs of Roto Rua, and undertook a three month intensive meditation retreat all before I turned 21.

More adventures unfolded as I continued to follow Namgyal’s intrepid steps.

In Her Own Words

When I stumbled upon Norman Doidge’s book The Brain That Changes Itself some dendrites fired in my brain and I’m sure my dopamine levels heightened in response to what I saw: here in the latest science from the West lay an explanation of how meditating on figures, repeating mantras, the foundation practices of Tibetan Vajrayana Tantra Buddhism, works. I gobbled the book once, then again.

What thrills me and I hope will help you and others is that here begins an explanation that does not demand faith. Neuroscience explains the reason why this form of meditation works to ease suffering, release pain and help form more positive attitudes, behaviors and life experience in those who practice diligently.”

This excerpt from my book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind I hope communicates to you the passion the book carries, and the simplicity of its writing.

Part memoir of my time in the Indian temple of the Tibetan leader His Holiness Sakya Trizen, when I was just 20 years old and of the extreme circumstances of rape and torture which thrust me toward having to learn to heal, the book’s emphasis is on what happens in our brains when we create images, through our memories, our dreams, our day dreams or through Visualization Meditations. What Neuroscience proves has been clear to mystics for generations: we have the power to heal. I hope this book may help you and others provide for yourself a life of strength, passion and health.

About Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind

MedicineBuddhaWant to know more about how your brain works? Want to learn to work with your mind, instead of against it? Ever wonder about those images from dreams, from when you read a really good book, or just from daydreaming? In this book the seams between our experience of mental visualizations (dream images, daydreams, imagination, or Tibetan icons such as Medicine Buddha) and what the latest in Neuroscience has to say about images, are joined in easy to read, simple language.

An excerpt from the book:

Comprised of billions of neurons or brain cells, our brains light up with tiny electrical chages when the neurons connect. For example, neurons connect when we perform an action. As we perform the same action repetitively the circuits of those connecting neurons grows larger. As those circuits grow larger, it becomes increasingly natural and increasingly easy, to repeat the action, behaviour or thought associated. These circuits may be measured on fMRI machines, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines.

Where to find Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind

  • https://www.amazon.com/Medicine-Buddha-Mind-Easy-Understand-ebook/dp/B018WSIVTI
  • www.soulsciences.net