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CollenMooneyI was born, raised, and live in New Orleans. I started going to parades and watched them from sitting on my Dad’s shoulders before I could walk. I’ve been in Girl Scout parades, high school parades, St. Patrick’s parades, Mardi Gras parades, on dance teams in parades and just about any loosely organized group who deemed it necessary to parade. I just can’t help myself. I love parades. I attended Loyola of the South here in New Orleans so I wouldn’t be far from a parade.

I spent 20+ years working for and retired from AT&T. I have worked and lived in New York City, Madison, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama returning home for the big parade every year–Mardi Gras.

Before Katrina, I moved away and back three times, four if you count rebuilding the same house at the same address after Katrina flooded my home. I did miss a couple of parades that year.

I’m an avid sailor and Scuba diver for many years, and made lasting friendships from sailing and dive trips. I love travel and if the opportunity presents itself, I’m there. Except for a brief stint where I had to own and learn how to ride a motorcycle, I’ve been a water baby. When I am not enjoying fun with friends in all New Orleans has to offer- sailing and racing with friends on Lake Pontchartrain, Mardi Gras, parties and festivals- I head to Florida.

I am an ardent animal lover and direct an all volunteer rescue group, Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana. I love to write and I write about what I know and love! You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but it won’t be for long!

Dead & Breakfast, the second book in my series The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles placed in two categories in the 2014 SOLA Chapter of RWA’s Dixie Kane contest for Short/Long Series for Contemporary fiction and for Single Title Contemporary fiction. My first book is Rescued By A Kiss.

The third book in the series, Drive-Thru Murder, is scheduled to be released in the fall 2016.

About Rescued By A Kiss (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 1)

RescuedbyAKissBrandy Alexander. Names for a cold drink and a hot babe. In New Orleans, the combination can be dangerous.

An innocent kiss to a handsome stranger at a Mardi Gras parade complicates her life when he whispers to meet him at the end of the parade before the police move him along and out of her life. It’s not the only thing he asks her to do. His requests launch an avalanche of adventure, kidnapping, and decisions for Brandy.

As Brandy tries to unravel the sudden complications and search for answers, she meets with disguised identities, colorful characters and a four-legged femme fatale adding up to magic, mystery, and dazzling reveals.

New Orleans is a character of its own in this whimsical story of tangled lives, plot twists and historical references. Just as music is an essential part of New Orleans, so is the lyrical lexicon of club patrons, locals and a friend called Duck Man.

Brandy Alexander lives up to her name in the first of The Go Cup Chronicle Series. She stirs up
trouble but will she remain unshaken?

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About Dead and Breakfast (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 2)

Deadand BreakfastMaybe she shouldn’t have answered the phone…

Brandy Alexander never set out to be solving crimes. Just because meeting her new boyfriend, Jiff Heinkel, had once thrust her into one, that’s no reason why she should be the first phone call made when her friend discovers a dead body at her new Bed & Breakfast. Especially when offering Julia help will throw her right back together with her ex – Police Detective Dante Deedler.

Maybe she should have just said no…

Likewise, the last thing Brandy needs while searching for the truth behind what happened at the B & B is to find herself Maid of Honor in a great big Italian Wedding. But how can she say no when the mother she always manages to disappoint is saying yes. Now she’s squeezing fittings for unflattering dresses in with investigating and questioning people who knew the victim.

Maybe she can get through this and keep her sanity…

But, keeping the two men who both seem to want something from her apart from each other while helping her very guilty looking friend and the kooky B&B staff, has her craving nothing more than a table for one and a whole King Cake.

There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime.

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