Snapshot_20150205_1Who is Samantha?

Samantha Clarke is a twenty-one year old college student, entering her fourth year of study, although technically she is still only considered a junior. She is majoring in social work and is considering a minor in sociology. Her future plans include working with the early intervention program in her state, but is also open to working with troubled or inner city teens. She has a passion for helping others and strives to give back to her community as often as she can.

Samantha has always been fascinated with reading and writing, and started writing short, illustrated stories when she was ten years old. She became serious about her writing when she was eighteen and began working on her first novel. She hopes that one day she will be successful enough to become a full-time novelist. Her favorite authors, and greatest influences, are Ann Rice, Stephen King, J.K Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien and Tamora Pierce. She is fascinated by fantasy and paranormal novels. She especially loves reading and writing about vampire’s and werewolves, but has also contemplated writing more traditional fantasy novels revolving around kingdoms, knights, and princesses.

Samantha also enjoys playing video games, drawing, cooking and singing, although her true talent lies with writing.

BloodMoonBlood Moon

Kedar smiled and continued to drive down the street, “So are you going to tell me your name? You’ve neglected to give it to me, you know.”

“Oh… I’m sorry. My name’s Samantha…”

Kedar stopped at a stop sign and looked at her, “Samantha. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

Greenwood is a small quiet town surrounded by thick forests. It’s also where Samantha Mackenzie Carvalho and her friends grew up. Samantha, or “Runt” as her friends call her, is just your average seventeen-year-old girl. She’s a junior in high school who gets average grades, dating a fairly popular young man, and an orphaned werewolf. As the lowest ranking member of her pack Samantha tries to prove herself to the alphas, and other pack members almost constantly. She and her friends are preparing to take the pack over from their elders, battling over who will be the new alphas and betas once the adults retire, but despite all of that they lead fairly normal lives. They attend school, all have part time jobs and they enjoy spending time separated from their day-to-day pack lives.

When two mysterious rogue wolves enter the pack’s territory, things begin to change for the worse. The outsiders claim that they were pushed out of their turf by vampires who have traveled across the country looking for a new feeding ground.  Their presence threatens the pack’s livelihood and the safety of their small hometown. Lies, secrets, and betrayal surface, shocking pack members who assumed their lives as wolves were as mundane as their human lives.

These surprises and painful truths force Samantha and her friends to face the harsh reality of growing up wolf. New friendships are formed, old relationships are ruined, family bonds are strained, and trust within the pack is broken. What was once thought to be true love is put to the test. Through it all the younglings in the pack try to be resilient, attempting to stick with one another, but both their human and wolf hearts sense that the pack will never be the same.

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