About Tania

Tania Giguere was born in Michigan and moved to Texas at the age of 19 seeking new adventures. She began writing at a young age bringing life to the blank pages. She is a superb writer who will take you on adventures so come and dream with her.

Tania has published Aldo the Dragon, The White Pearl, Goodnight Love, and Hello My Friend. All having a 5 Star Reviews! She is currently writing more books in the White Pearl series and Aldo the Dragon series. She also has poetry published with Eber & Wein.

When Tania is not writing, you can find her in the garden planting beautiful flowers. Walking her dog Max and playing with her grandson.

About The White Pearl

Detective John takes you on a ride into a world of murder and drugs. A gripping tale of how one man combats the dark side of Chicago. Going undercover John does what needs to be done. He becomes what the city needs, a
detective that doesn’t stop just because he has stared into the devil’s eyes. Instead, John takes out the trash, leaving nothing to chance.

“I’m gonna find that wolf. I’m gonna find his den and burn it down. Take the dust and watch ’em crumble.”

A compelling novel that grips you from beginning to end.

Where to find Tania and The White Pearl