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This weekend I will be spending a lot of time on the computer mingling around three virtual events trying to promote Spirit. One of those events is the 2015 Author Cyber Convention on Goodreads. I’m also doing two author take over spots on Facebook. Check out the Stars of Heros Facebook page for details on those.

As part of the Goodreads event, I’ve exchanged blog promo time with another author by the name of Timothy Bateson.

Who is Timothy?


Timothy is a displaced Englishman, who is currently living in Alaska. Since moving to there in 2005 he has participated in a succession of NaNoWriMo events, honing his writing skills. He has also been working on a number of writing projects with his wife, Sandi, a fellow creative soul.

From these projects has sprung an alternative Seattle, still populated by mortals, but with a vibrant supernatural community. Between them, the creative couple write short stories and novels based in this wonderful setting, sharing locations, characters, and a common overarching plot. In mid-2014, Timothy sent his first urban fantasy short stories off to publishers, and had two out of five selected.

In October 2014, Timothy held a two hour “Moon Shadows” book signing at his local bookstore and sold out on the day. He hopes to repeat this success with “Across the Karman Line”, a science-fiction anthology, coming in May 2015, which features his first science fiction story “Evaline Transcendent.”

Timothy’s Works

Under A Hunter’s Moon – Moon Shadows 

MoonShadowsIn the dark of night, the moon is bright, but what lurks in the shadows will give you a fright. Seventeen stories touch the unknown, the unseen, and the undead. Visit what we avoid. Step into the shadows of the moon. In Under A Hunter’s Moon,  Richard Parsons is a lupine, one of the many breeds of shape-shifters living in Seattle. Mortal legends of his kind call them werewolves. When a traveling exhibition returns to Seattle, Richard takes a night time visit, with plans that go beyond seeing a particular display. However he is unprepared for the memories and emotions that come flooding back.

Available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon:


Shifting Dreams – Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014

Spooky Halloween DrabblesNeed something to amuse you this Halloween holiday season? These drabbles will keep you entertained and amused throughout!  Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, fairies, djinns, goblins, trolls, witches, brownies, banshees are all on the prowl in these spooky drabbles. Shifting Dreams is one of the werewolf stories.

Available for Kindle only:

Where to find Timothy

Also At:  His Blog ,  About.MeTwitterGoogle+, and Facebook