More Ideas

What started out as a single horse book turned into a science fiction series. That isn’t the only thing my mind is creating. YA, more sci-fi, and fantasy too.  Not sure where my imagination will lead me next.

Not So Perfect World

A perfect world where thoughts create a filtered reality (positive thought allowed, negative ones reformed). People can talk to animals and live with them as companions. Inspiration and imagination are both dead and alive. Then a flaw is triggered in the master program (think Heartbleed on a much larger scale). People must relearn even the most basic skills, including dealing with the animals without being able to understand them.

Plans are for this to remain a single book, but it could turn into a trilogy depending on the plotting of the story.

Lost Souls

The adventures of two beings, energy and matter.  One can’t exist without the other, but losses are suffered on both sides when they join. They are immortal, but, at times, finite. It’s the most philosophical of my ideas and will encompass at least three books.

As Time Slips By

The unnamed main character loses track of time. Not intentionally or through some sleep disorder. They get involved in something and hours pass or they day dream and find themselves transported to another world. At first they dismiss this as fantasy, but soon discover the worlds are real and they are there for a reason. Planned as a single book, for now.

Growing up with the Net

My first endeavor into non-fiction will be the Internet from a web developer’s point of view. Written as a combination of incidental stories and advice, it will cover how the Net has changed in the last 20 years and how users can make it work for them.

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