Reflections on a silent promise made so many years ago.

A collection of life sits on the mantle
Horses of all kinds
A college degree earned, but never used
Christmas lights from years past
Odds and ends
Each with their own meaning
Yet none as empty or as full as a glass

The glass is engraved with a bird of mythic proportions
And the name “Phoenix CSA Team”
Such a glass is usually used
As a status symbol
Or a topic of conversation
Yet this one remains on the mantle
Hidden and obscure
Untouched by either lips or drink

This unusual glass is meant for one purpose
To fulfill a vow made on the day it was created
It will be first used at a celebration
Honoring a dream meant to thank someone
For their inspiration

Many years have passed
Where did the time go?
At this rate, the dream may never be
So the glass will remain empty
Yet it will always be overflowing
With integrity