A tribute to those that were lost on the fateful day of September 11, 2001.

Our hearts are heavy
The souls weep
Crying for the heroes
Crying for the ones we lost
So much sadness
So much sorrow
So much pain
There is much to grieve
Much to cry for

There is no “I” any more
Only “we” and “us”
There are no borders
Or boundaries
The river of tears runs around the world

A song plays on the radio
And the tears begin again
The melody is familiar
And the words sung for fun
Now they are belted out
In a mixture of pride and grief

And I won´t forget the men who died . . .
Nor the women
Nor the children
Their lives suddenly cut short
Some had no choice or warning,
Others went down, fighting
So that many more could live

The tears run high and deep
When they dry, if they ever do
The memories will still remain
The second day of infamy
A third is uncalled for
For anyone