October 29, 2016
characters in a museum.

Another character demands the first person treatment

I started writing the first book in The Fantasy Reject League, a YA Fantasy trilogy (series?), a few weeks ago after someone offered to sponsor me with a cover, editing, and marketing. The first thing the main character demanded was a first person present POV.
August 19, 2016

Horses as people in stories

Characters must be believable or they sour the story. Hardcore expectations come into play when it's a human or animal, If something is going to be changed about them, it needs to be done carefully or the character going to appear fake or corny. I draw on my experience with horses to make these changes.
July 23, 2016

Learning more about Jo

During them, I learned about her history of undercover operations. I still don't know the details of every one, but I now at least know how and why Jo does things, both as herself and other people. It also triggers the need for me to write a twenty-sixth book in the core series.
May 12, 2016

Joanna C. Mason

This first appeared last summer as part of the Brain to Books tour. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell the audience about yourself. My name is […]
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