Keeping my word for 26 years (and counting)

On July 2, 1989, at a science fiction convention in San Francisco, I found a vendor creating custom glass work. I asked him to make me a special glass and then made a promise to not drink out of it until certain things happened.

Why SciFantasy, not SciFi?

Day 2 of the 2017 B2BCycon saw a panel on SciFantasy. The unofficial genre allows writers to mix technology with the less provable things like paranormal creatures and super heroes.

Celebrating My 3rd Year at Cycon

When Spirit came out on March 11, 2015, I focused in on marketing and looked for any opportunity I could find to promote the book…

An in-depth review of Legend

Legend’s first and so far only review comes from the person who helped it mature as a beta reader. Does this invalidate the review in any way? No, because I didn’t compensate her for her help or the review in any way. And she didn’t see the final copy until it was published.

What’s in a Brand?

Branding sets companies, organizations, and writers apart from one another. It’s meant to be focused and on point. However, like anything where experts offer advice, sometimes contradictory, it can leave one lost, confused, and running around in circles. In this post, I address some issues that might be affecting my brand.

My Titles Come From My Heart

My titles reflect not only my story, but who I am and what the story means to me. Making money would be nice, but I’m not going to sacrifice the integrity of my words for a buck. I write and say what I mean. Packaging myself, or my works up, in some smelly perfume just to appeal to the masses isn’t who I am.

Free Giveaways: Authors really can’t afford them

Experts tell authors to treat their writing like a business for tax purposes and sanity reasons. Consumers expect them to give their works away for free. No business can survive with that ROI model, why should authors have to?

Growing Up with the Net

Thinking about doing a book on the Internet from a web developer’s point of view. Growing Up with the Net will look back at the changes over the last few decades, share some behind the scenes stuff, and offer practical insight and advice.

Another character demands the first person treatment

I started writing the first book in The Fantasy Reject League, a YA Fantasy trilogy (series?), a few weeks ago after someone offered to sponsor me with a cover, editing, and marketing. The first thing the main character demanded was a first person present POV.

With little fanfare, the next phase begins

How does an author feel after finishing another phase of their book’s development? Seven emotions ranging from tired to gratitude come to mind. It’s good to be done with the tedious. Now it’s time for full-blown creativity once again.

Horses as people in stories

Characters must be believable or they sour the story. Hardcore expectations come into play when it’s a human or animal, If something is going to be changed about them, it needs to be done carefully or the character going to appear fake or corny. I draw on my experience with horses to make these changes.


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