July 2, 2017

Keeping my word for 26 years (and counting)

On July 2, 1989, at a science fiction convention in San Francisco, I found a vendor creating custom glass work. I asked him to make me a special glass and then made a promise to not drink out of it until certain things happened.
June 5, 2017

Sunday’s vacation from technology

Technology is how I make a living. On Sunday, I used it strictly for pleasure, including reading a book on writing.
January 27, 2017

Paying it forward and learning about taxes at the same time

Since I learned to see by watching for patterns, I often misjudge the universe's intentions and compile all the negatives that enter my life into one huge warning or stop sign. That is until it steps in and drops a golden apple on my head.
January 20, 2017

Accepting criticism with grace

What if we could set the competition aside and use each other's knowledge and experience to create a better place for everyone? Idealistic and naive, maybe. Still it's something we all need to consider, especially in the divisive and uncertain climate we all seem to find ourselves in.
December 27, 2016

If you haven’t watched Travelers on Netflix, do so

Reading and watching sci-fi and comic book television, novels, and movies, I often come across time travel. Travelers, a Netflix / Showcase joint venture takes this in a new direction that already has me wanting a second season.
October 27, 2016

7 Things Professional Writers Know That Amateurs Don’t — Goins, Writer

What determines if someone is a professional or amateur writer? In his post, Jeff Goins outlines seven points (and an eighth, if you look real hard at the intro) of what differentiates one from the other. After reading the article, I decided I'm somewhere in between.
October 17, 2016

The Popcorn Theory of Writing

"You put a lot of popcorn kernels in and you heat it up," Kevin J. Andrews said in an interview on The Creative Penn, "But you never know at any one time which popcorn kernel is going to pop or which direction it’s going to fly." For authors, each kernel is a book. Which one is going to pop is the biggest question.
February 3, 2016

Being Mindful: When doing something wrong teaches you something right

In my attempt to find new sources of income, I signed up for two jobs that didn’t work out. The first was rating ads. I don’t […]
January 23, 2016

Lost in my own head

I wish my life had a sense of purpose and a job done with satisfaction. I’m definitely floundering in that department. My goal is to have enough […]
December 31, 2015

Goodbye old, hello new

Birthdays and New’s Year Days have been given trouble over the last few years. They are reminders that I’m growing older, time is passing me by, […]
March 21, 2015

Celebrate firsts

It seems that through our lives we are always celebrating our firsts. The celebrations start when we are babies and we crawl for the first time. Our […]
March 1, 2015

Overcoming Writer’s Block

If you are a writer and haven’t had the need to climb over the often-thought insurmountable wall between your ideas and your words, then congratulations, you […]
February 8, 2015

Why I am pushing and hustling

For those who have read this blog over the last five years or followed the lonehorseend account on Twitter for the last six, you know I’ve been […]
December 19, 2014

When real life becomes a novel

I was perusing the Net tonight looking for stuff I could put on Twitter, and possibly Facebook, to keep my social presence at least somewhat lukewarm […]
January 13, 2014

Inspiration and Determination

At the beginning of Spirit, there is a poem. Well, it’s actually the seven traits of the Lone Horse. I came up with it a while […]
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