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5 weeks and counting
March 8, 2014
With progress comes change
March 13, 2014

As the time grows closer to my book being submitted to the publisher then published, I know it needs to be marketed. Marketing has changed a lot since I started this adventure. Book tours with authors making in person appearances still happen, but social media is now the bigger thing. After all, it has a further reaching and longer lasting impact.

I’ve already looked into a few outlets and have a few accounts, including 2 Twitters (one for me as the author and one for the series). But, as with any other social media, Twitter needs followers. So I went on a hunt for tools that could help me with this. I found two and

Both services use virtual currency to reward you for actions. You can buy more if you want to have the premium experience. For now, I’m sticking with the free plan.

Other than the virtual currency, they are totally different in what they do.

Twiends is all about getting new followers. You either browse for new ones or click the list on the side and then your following them. People can see a wall of your posts to decide if find you interesting enough to follow. For every person (not sure what the limit is) you follow or discover by browsing the discover section, you get seeds. These seeds are used to reward other users when they decided to follow you. Simple, quick and effective means for building an audience.

Copromote (formerly is a little more work and doesn’t provide followers. Rather, it rewards you for re-posting the promotions that people create with their virtual currency. It reminds me of the celebrity endorsements that you see on TV. I’ve taken the road that some actors do and only promote the stuff that matches my likes or beliefs. I also read and check every promotion that is written to make sure they match my style of writing. I have to because there is no way to edit what goes out, and if it says “Hi, I’m this person . . . Yada Yada Yada,” or its promoting a style of music / anything else that I don’t use or believe in, people are going to know its an ad. I don’t mind doing this because I know when the time comes, I’ll want people to promote my stuff.

Two things to know about CoPromote, First, you first sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account. It does, however, ask you for a login or password. Once you logged in and come back to the site, you have to select a different page other than the home page for that option.  Just scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the links to other pages.

When you choose your networks, think very carefully. The person writing and publishing the promotion determines what network they want the ad to appear on. You just get the say if it goes out or not.  I had to pull my Stars of Heros Facebook connection because of this. The Tumblr and Twitter accounts that I am using are more generic.

Do I have a recommendation as to which service is better? No, because they serve different functions in this social media driven world. Do they both have uses? Very much so. I may not be re-posting many things from Copromote, but I have found some interesting people to follow. And that’s still networking.


  1. Hello – thank you for choosing to follow my blog. With so many options available, I truly appreciate your choosing to read my blog. I admire how you have not allowed yourself to be defined by a diagnosis. Choice, it’s not a very big word, but oh the power contained within it. Well done you for the choices you have made. Here’s to your future being bright with hope!

  2. mediajorge says:


    Thank you for the earnest review, we appreciate the feedback, particularly regarding the editing function.
    We are working on ways to improve the service and one of those is allowing people to import their news feeds and add “RT” or “Via” as a prefix so there’s no confusion about who owns the content. We’ve tried educating people on the fist person/third person issue, but it’s an open system so some people still write in the first person.
    The editing is tricky because we want to avoid “switch and bait” scenarios where one thing is approved for posting and then something else shows up on your news feed.
    Trust is a key issue here, so we encourage everyone to be selective and be interactive. If something looks odd, reach out and let us know. We will do our best to make sure everyone can reach new and relevant people with good content with the tools we have. Of course, we are always open to suggestions!

    Jorge Hernandez
    Communications/Community Director

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