A couple years ago, I met a fellow exerciser in a gym.  We hit it off because we had common interests in dogs and film making.  I stopped going to the gym, but I still see her on occasion.  Last time, I ran into her in the grocery store.  I told her about the Zenoids script and she told me about her latest project, an indie film that chronicled her journey with 2 large dogs through several states visiting various dog parks.  She took this journey after losing one of her dogs to cancer.  It was her way of healing and help her other dog, who had lost his life long friend, to heal as well.

I believe in her project because it’s on a subject near and dear to my heart, dogs and how we love our dogs.  The film is a small microcosm of our every day life with our dogs.  When I saw a Dalmatian in the trailer, I immediately thought of a couple of Dalmatians I know and their friendship with my two dogs.  There is the personal journey of self-discovery and healing that we all have to go through, especially after losing someone, be it animal or human, near and dear to our hearts. Given these story elements, I know there are going to be relationships and dynamics in the film that we can all identify with. The fact that it’s unscripted and shot by someone as an act of love makes it all that much more sentimental and endearing.

The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter.  If you can, please support it.