I just finished watching Travelers’ 12 episode season 1 on Netflix. It just premiered on December 23rd. Talk about binge watching. 12 episodes in 4 days. It was that good.

Travelers follows a team of people from a dystopian future that perform missions to prevent their reality. Sound familiar? Quantum LeapSliders, and Continuum all come to mind as they have a similar premise. Heck, even my series does. Time travel, the paradox it creates, and how it affects all of time drives many sci-fi plots.

The way Travelers handled the familiar situation was an interesting twist. The travelers came back in time by overwriting the consciousness of people who were about to die. They literally have to assume the identity of the person they replace and deal with the problems of normal life while completing their missions. Like Quantum Leap, this provides a human element that eliminates the technology for the most part. It’s still there, but in the form that we are familiar with, the Internet. That is until the last episode, when things got a little more complicated.

Travelers is from the creator of Stargate, another one of my favorite shows. Amanda Tapping, of Stargate: SG 1 and Sanctuary fame directed the last episode of Season 1.

Is there going to be a Season 2? That’s the big question. Usually sites like TV Line rank the possibility of a show’s return or sometimes the show’s producers do something to wrap things up that doesn’t leave us hanging. Thing is, Travelers is a Canadian show produced by Showcase and picked up by Netflix under their original series brand for those of us outside of Canada. They are waiting for the numbers to come in before deciding. Even if it’s picked up for a second season, we may have to wait at least nine months in the US due to Netflix’s production cycle.

I don’t want to wait nine months! I want to know what happened like we normally do for season cliffhangers, three or so months from now. The story and the characters were that compelling and interesting. In creating the series with such depth, the producers gave me a standard to shoot for and a roadmap on how to get their at the same time. And I thank them for that. Now, hurry up and give me the second season, please!

Image credit: pogdesign.co.uk and showcase.ca