In the Becoming a Plotser post, I mentioned the need to write a book that came before A Dream to Share—”One that will both inform and entertain as it explains the definition of Heros, so the missing e is no longer a problem.”

I withdrew to consider this project, not really caring about this blog. Some draft posts I had weren’t all that important any more. Others seemed a little hypocritical since I wasn’t following my own advice. I’m posting once a week so I can keep the momentum going. Random days and times, sure, but at least I’m not silent for months at time, like before. As a published author, I have the obligation to build up my audience and brand. Without spending hours on social media, this is the only way I can.

My time is split between writing the new book or working my computer projects. An occasional video game, online chat, and chores breaks the monotony.  I’ve also started reading again. Phone conversations still drag on longer than they should, but I don’t see any way around that. I’m in a place where choosing between creativity and technical no longer happens. Switching between my writing and programming brain is no problem. Sure, it means longer hours for me, but the dream of writing and the reality of supporting myself are both essential.

No, I’m not revealing the title or the story of the new book just yet. A joy to write, even if it is dark in some places, the story has been yearning to come out for years. I’m jotting down ideas, dialogue, and even whole scenes, and forming the outline as I write chunks of the story with little, if any, hesitation. Things are ebbing and flowing, definitely changing and evolving as I think more about the twist and turns. I haven’t felt this inspired or connected with my writing in a long while.

The progress trackers on the sidebar have gone bye-bye. Since the new book is such a secret, I can’t report its word count. That makes it look like the rest have stalled out, even when something might be happening behind the scenes. If I’m absolutely stuck on the new one or it triggers a change in another book, I dabble. These changes are usually not significant enough to show any movement in the bars.

I’m not going to take the usual approach to publishing the new book. As the story goes through the five-draft process and chapters firm up, I’ll begin to share them on this website. The tale is that important to the Stars of Heros series. After I finish, I plan on taking time off from SOH and finally get to my YA Fantasy book!