Yesterday’s Daily Prompt was:

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Every piece of art that I have around me has spoken to me in someone way or another. It might have been the oddball in a collection of stuff, or the way that it captured it’s subject. Art isn’t just a painting or a sculpture, it’s photography, drawings, movies, plays, web design, books, and anything else where two or more things combine to form something else. And the artist’s eye is just about seeing, but experiencing something with all of your physical and emotional senses.

Some would say you are born with the artist’s eye, others would say you develop it. Me, I’m a little of both. Until surgery last year, which gave me the ability to see like a normal person out of my right eye, everything was blobsville when I had no glasses or contacts one. I could see light and dark and colors, but nothing was distinct or clear. Therefore, I learned to see in patterns and rely on my other senses. This seeing in patterns translated over to when I could see thanks to glasses or contacts.

Having the artist eye has been a blessing. I can take photographs that almost capture the soul of my subject or read something and feel like I’m watching a movie as I’m reading. When I do actually watch a movie like Avatar, then I’m totally enveloped in the world. It has also allowed me to have natural instincts for editing and design.

Anyone I believe can develop an artist’s eye. They just have to take the time to do so. Just take a moment out of your day, when you aren’t driving or doing something else dangerous, and just stop, breathe, and open your senses. Look up at the sky. What shapes do you see in the clouds? Smell the air. What does it taste like? Lay your hand on something and absorb the texture. Connect your emotions with your physical senses. Life is much more interesting when you can experience all its wonder and color by being a part of the moment.