Birthdays and New’s Year Days have been given trouble over the last few years. They are reminders that I’m growing older, time is passing me by, and I have nothing to show for my life. Or at least, on my down on myself days, I don’t think I do. Friends and family have both reminded me that isn’t the case. It is all a matter of perspective. Considering the odds against me being intelligent and functioning when I was born, I’m doing great. While my sight is not perfect, at least I can see, despite all the conditions I’ve had to deal with. Now I just need a steady income, no debt, and well-established writing career. I’m working on two of those, which will take care of the third.

Legend, my WIP, has dropped out of the editing cycle for the moment. I ran into a snag where one of the oldest scenes in it didn’t come off as powerful as I wanted it to. In fact, it slightly confused the editor. I also had to add a transitional chapter and remove one that was dragging the story down. So I’m going through the whole manuscript again, keeping what I already learned from the editing process in mind. Does this put the manuscript behind schedule? Hardly. I have all year to get it out the door and hadn’t really expected to start the editing process until the middle of January. The fact that I got a few weeks of it at the end of 2015 is a bonus.

As for the rest of life, including work, I’ll take it as it comes. There are going to be good days and there are going to bad, but I no longer feel like I’m sinking into the depths and disappearing into nothingness. I still have to climb out of the hole that got dug around me, but at least I have the strength to do so. So unlike past years, I’m starting 2016 with hope in my heart and a dream in my soul.

Blessing of peace, love, and prosperity be on all of you.