I’m already a published author in a way. The book is not a best seller and never will be. Not many people will read it because it contains private and very technical information. It’s my file at my eye doctor’s office. A story of everything that can go wrong with a pair of eyes yet still allow the human behind them to see.

Well, I just finished another chapter in it this morning. I had my third, and hopefully, final fitting after my cataract surgery on my left eye. The second round went pretty good, producing a lens that fit and worked, but left my brain confused. The left eye for the first time in my life was seeing clearer than my right. So for this round they decided to reduce the prescription by 0.5 in my left and give my right it’s own contact that was a different diameter and lesser prescription than I had previously.

So I put them on in the doctor’s office. ┬áMy left eye went on first and my brain was like “Okay, I like this, but I’m still feeling slightly out of whack.” I put the right one on and it literally sighed. I felt like a sports car with a set of new tires and it showed. While I’ve seen 20/25 before in my right, I filtered with 20/60 in my left for the first time in my life. Not only that I’m sitting here in front of the computer writing this entry with no glasses on, only relying on my contacts! That’s never happened before either. It’s absolutely amazing.