At the beginning of Spirit, there is a poem. Well, it’s actually the seven traits of the Lone Horse. I came up with it a while back, not so much to be in the book, but as a reminder of who I was and why I kept fighting to be normal. One of the lines in that motto is “Determination – will – the power to say ‘Yes, I can,’ when everybody else has said, ‘No, you can’t'”.

I’m always humbled and inspired by people who taken adversity, looked it in the eye, and said “No, it ain’t going to stop me.” Sometimes, I can understand and identify with some of their story. ¬†Especially the parts about being different in school and picked last for any sort of group activity.

Derrick Coleman, a Seattle Seahawk and the first legally deaf offensive player in the NFL, is one such person. They told him, after he wasn’t drafted in 2012, it was over, but he didn’t listen. On December 2, 2013, he caught his first touchdown. I wouldn’t have known there was anything different about him, if the TV announcer, a few plays before, hadn’t explained why Russel Wilson was talking to Coleman as they lined up in formation.

Have a box of tissues ready when you watch the video below, you are going to need it. I know I did.