The muse is quiet. A little tired actually. It wasn’t my intention to disappear, but I needed to concentrate on getting my book wrapped up, which took precedent over any blog writing.

I also hit a snag with Mailchimp. My first weekly blog recap had 17 of 194 subscribers leave.  That was a 10.9% unsubscription rate, which triggered an alarm. My fault really. As a web developer, I know I should double-opt in every email I get, even if it is a Facebook event where people are told that by entering their email they will be put on a mailing listing.

Mailchimp made me go through a reconfirmation process with the import and I now have 56 people on my list. For now I’ve decided to drop the weekly blog recap and just stick with the bi-weekly newsletter that highlights other authors.  At least until I break a 1,000 on the list.

Snags, especially ones that I create, derail me. It’s a combination of me wanting to be perfect and do right by my fellow human beings. I care, maybe a little too much, about other people’s feelings. I want their experiences with me to be real and at least 90% positive.  All the time would be ideal, but I know that’s not going to happen.

On a much less serious note, my muse is excited because of the three things that are happening this weekend. First my second book goes from pre-release to fully published on Saturday. On the same day, I’m part of a different type of FB event – Our Books Are Not Free – where a 100+ authors have gathered to celebrate their books and not give away a single thing except their passion for writing.  Sunday wraps everything up with a celebration of Legend‘s release.