SOH website is now under construction. Click on image for a larger view.

As I wait for Spirit to return from its first review by the publisher, I’m making preparations to market the book.  At first, the only difference you’ll notice is that the Stars of Heros menu item will lead to an actual website. I’m still working out all the details on the content and color scheme. For example, the green that you see in the screen shot will completely disappear.  I’m still considering my font options as well. After I’m happy with both, I’ll be moving the posts related to Stars of Heros to the news and updates section on that site.

I’m debating with myself whether or not to create a separate Spirit of the Lone Horse site. I have the domain name for it. Most likely, though, the website will just end being a one pager that links to main SOH site as well as promoting the places that you buy the book.

After that, as I re-develop my two main sites, I’ll move the Snippets section to them.  Philosophy and Insight will remain, it’s just going to lose more of the really philosophical / motivational pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with writing. That will be moving to a separate site.

Though it sounds like I’m taking massive chunks out of this blog, I’m not, I’m just consolidating. I want this site to be all about writing, succeeding at writing, and my personal success and failures at writing instead of the hodge podge that it has become.