There are times I wonder why I write. Why do I struggle to be good in two fields when I have more then enough of a chance to make more than enough money in one? As I said before it is not about the money. It is never about money when the means to make it makes you feel empty, hollow, and tired.

At 3:30 this morning, I was feeling none of that. I was supposed to be winding down for the night, yet I was buzzing. I had just had one of those holy crap, story changing, book altering, depth adding moments with my writing. The feeling is simply invigorating. I hadn’t felt that alive in weeks.

Was it because I made progress on Spirit? No, not really. Though I am happy to report that I have maybe one or two more paragraphs to write before Chapter 10 is finally done. This is completely about Legend, the book I thought I had completed, only to realize that it was an over complicated mess of a story.

I liken the change to the latest version of the William Tell Overture that is the finale for the Lone Ranger movie soundtrack. I know that piece, backwards, forwards, and sideways. In fact, I half-sung / half-whistled it during a high school play to convey the idea of people riding.  Well, what Hans Zimmer has done with the piece is simply a bountiful feast to my ears. All he did was extend stuff here, let the woodwinds and other none brass instruments carry the melody there, and others changes that for 9 minutes I’m riding a song at a full gallop when I used to trotting to it.

In the case of Legend, I moved one particular realization for my main character to the front of the book. In one way, it makes my job harder because I have to keep up the level of emotions. In another way, easier because I’m not dragging stuff out, blowing otherwise insignificant stuff out of proportion, or sounding gimmicky. I’m also uncomplicating the story.

Am I nuts for working on two books at once? Probably. However, it’s important that I keep the voice of the two stories as close as possible because they happen so close together. I am also trying to keep up with my own changes. For the other books, this doesn’t really matter since they aren’t completed.