42, 988 words. My words.

I’ve got the story summaries done on the outline. I was able to reference chapter, scenes, and ideas that I had written down and also stuff still in my head. They say you’ll forget more than you’ll ever write and that’s true. I’m lucky I remembered what I did and that it actually made sense.

I’m going to let the outline stew for a few days while I work on my computer stuff and then it’s on to my characters. My main one is already done, but I have a ton left. After that, I’ll turn the outline over to the publisher, cross my fingers, and hope my gut feeling about my books is right.

The road isn’t going to get easier from here, but harder. Now I have to back up what I put down on paper. I have to turn summaries into scenes and chapters, refining what I have and making sure what I add flows with it. I know if what I’ve outlined isn’t handled right, the books and stories will come off gimmicky or offensive because they might seem to make light of some very serious situations. And that isn’t, and never has been, my intention. 

I want to end up with something that grabs people with believable, flawed characters and stories with not so happy endings, but still some pretty powerful inspiration.  Through it all I want to touch lives and give out a message of hope. And, of course, I hope for only positive reviews on Amazon.

I really hope I do justice the words that are now on paper, I still hear in my head, and feel in my heart. If I do, the sky’s the limit. If I don’t, I’ll just be another wannabe dreamer.

Wish me luck.