Someone recently asked me, “Why do you feel like you have to choose between your writing and your computer work?”

One pays the bills and the other doesn’t has been my justification for a while now. Then there is also the language I have to think in. Programming is like teaching a child, except writing or speaking the instructions isn’t done in plain English. I use short words and variables that confuse the non-techies.  Not only that, each application, platform, and  language has its own dialect. Some are very similar so extra caution is needed. Servers are worse than the strictest editor. One out of place semi-colon may make the editor scratch their heads. A server will throw temper tantrum (error page). There are days that I get so caught up in what I’m doing that it’s easier to stay in the technical world and veg during my off time than it is to switch and go riding off in my creative one.

Giving advice and writing about my experience in tech is the only time that I don’t choose. Instead, I become a guide into a world that others may not know about or understand. In my fiction worlds, I do the same thing.

The over 800 impressions on Twitter to my Email marketing from a web developer’s POV post got me thinking about an idea that had been suggested a while back. I should write a blog or book about the changes to the Internet over the last few decades. A blog I started for this very purpose lasted one draft before I shut it down, feeling that I would come off as egotistically whiner wishing for the good old days.

I think I’m finally ready to tell my tale. Called Growing Up with the Net will look back at the changes, share some behind the scenes stuff, and offer practical insight and advice.  Some of the content will be expansions on material already shared here, but most of it original. No release date is planned as of yet. I’m thinking sometime this year or next.