Every since last weekend, my head has exploded with ideas.  The series reorganization is complete. I now have twenty-five core books, including two trilogies.  Time’s Puzzle still doesn’t have a final book count yet and probably won’t for a while.

The two trilogies

I had planned on Whisper in the Wind being a single book that dealt with Jo becoming Honeywell, the emotionless killer so opposite of her, and then recovering.  When I was thinking about doing the whole Origin Worlds thing, I had split it into two books because I realized that the becoming and the recovery were big events.  We needed to know why Jo would make such a drastic decision other than her step-father asking her to. Then I had to tie into the parallels of the present timeline and having her cope with loss and making another attempt at true love. The WIW trilogy sets up the In the Name of Freedom trilogy better than if I had just jumped into it directly from A Dream to Share.

If you want to know about Honeywell, she’s in Spirit. She’s also appearing in Legend when it’s released later this year. Actually, most books in the series mention her in some way since she’s a part of Jo. I can think of maybe three or four that don’t and those are ones that don’t involve Jo or her family.

Introducing a new old book

I’m now tracking A Dream to Share in the sidebar.  Legend is still my first priority, but I figured since I was already working on the manuscript, I needed to publish its status. Technically that means I should publish a status every one of the twenty-five core books, but I’m not going to since they are pretty much in the same one and they won’t be “active” for a while. With the way I write, I’ll still dump ideas in to them as needed, but I must maintain a little bit of discipline. Without it, I’ll have lots of books going nowhere instead of strategic progress on the current one or two.

As one of the older books, ADTS has previously written material that needs adapting to everything in Spirit and Legend.  The hardest part of the story is the concept of planes crashing into buildings. Ever since 9/11 that has troubled me. When I started the tale back before the tragedy happened, I knew it had good shock value. Now, I want to be respectful, so I probably just concentrate on the reactions of people instead of the event itself.  There is enough going on in the book so I don’t need lay out all the details.

Other than that, its generic-sounding blurb is intentional, and will get update after Legend has had a few months in the limelight.