A friend of mine called to wish me a belated “Happy Birthday,” wondering why I hadn’t listened to his original birthday message.  I told him that I had been busy.  It the same reason I haven’t posted here in the while. Anyway, we got to talking and I complained that I felt depressed and bummed about my books and the fact that I hadn’t been writing for while.  I told him the same thing that I mentioned here that I really didn’t think my books had anything worth value and that they would be considered a ripoff of already existing stories, even though there are some pretty good characters and stories to tell. I acknowledged the fact that it sounded like I was giving up and proving a few people right that I had the lack of follow through when it came to my writing.  On the other hand, I wanted to finish what I started, but I just didn’t know how.  What I didn’t mention and what has me even more depressed is that the book I have the most faith in, Do You Believe in Legend? is celebrating its 21st birthday in the coming days.  That’s the original story which was just a crazy piece of fan fiction called by a different name.  The version that involves my own characters and storyline is actually only 15 years old, since it was copyrighted in 1995.

Anyway, my friend suggested that instead of trying to tackle one of my books head on, that I work on a short story.  He went to on to say that the short story shouldn’t be told by one of my main leader characters, but by one who does more of what I do in real life, working with the computers and their idiosyncrasies.  He wanted the story to be about how this character quietly saved the rest of the team by solving their technical problems.  He said that I should call the character Jason and have some dialogue that referred to the calendar (July through November) origins of the name. Except Jason is one of the characters in my series.  The story would actually be told from the point of view of John, which is kind of ironic (and make the idea of the story even more intriguing) because John is one of the more quiet characters in the series.  He’s more comfortable dealing with computers and other machines than talking to people.  So it would definitely would accomplish my friend’s goal of bring a new perspective to the series.  Heck, it’s already done something because this is the most I’ve written and thought about writing (in a good way) in over a month.